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Market Assessment for Ready Meals (Frozen and Chilled) in KSA, 2020

Introduction The growing population (forecast to reach 36.3 million by 2023) is driving KSA to be the largest food and beverages market in the Gulf region. This is offering investors sustainable growth from the [...]

Market for Precast Concrete in UAE 2020

Precast Market Landscape: The precast market in the UAE is fragmented and highly unstructured with the presence of more than 30 players offering similar kinds of products. Precast products are generally classified into three [...]

Saudi Parents Survey 2020: All you wanted to know about the Saudi Parent

About This Research: GCG undertook qualitative and quantitative research across parents in Riyadh and Jeddah in early 2020. Key findings were:   Education plays an important role in Saudi Arabia’s drive towards growth and development, [...]

Opportunities in the Oman Insurance Market, 2019

Overview Oman insurance sector is a highly competitive market with 20 players vying for a market share. It is dominated by the non-life segment with over 88% share of gross premiums in 2018. This [...]

The Plan behind 1.4 Million Views for a LinkedIn Post

Of all the social media channels, LinkedIn is the most exclusive and works the purpose for a majority of B2B businesses as a visibility, lead generation and/or sales tool. Much of the activity on this [...]

Theme Parks Consumer Survey, 2019

Background of the Research Significant changes in lifestyle have fueled the need for getaways/leisure activities and given rise to entertainment destinations such as theme parks. The Middle East is a major tourist destination and [...]

UAE Rent a Car Market, 2019

Overview An increase in expat population and growing trend of affordability among millennials can positively impact the car rental and lease business. The UAE car rental and lease services market was estimated at USD 1.8 [...]

KSA Physiotherapy Market, 2016

The Saudi Healthcare Sector The healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia has witnessed continued growth on the back of rising investments from both the government and the private sector. A rapidly-increasing population and high percentage of [...]

UAE Fresh Mutton and Fruits Market, 2016

The government in the GCC (Gulf Conglomerate Corporation) countries has been pursuing economic diversification through increased spending on the strategic sectors like infrastructure, education, construction, tourism, and health to reduce its reliance on imports. This [...]

UAE Chicken Turkey Seafood Market, 2016

The Gulf food festival invites food connoisseurs from across the world to enjoy the unique flavors and meat specialties. The new league of the urban dwellers in the UAE is keen on trying new brands [...]