Glasgow Consulting Group (GCG) strives to be the partner of choice to help our clients develop strategies for growing their business in Middle East & Africa.

Culture of success and pride: We strive to be an organization to which our people are proud to belong. We set ambitious but realistic goals for our team members, provide them with support and opportunities for professional development, as well as recognize and reward their accomplishments

Passion: We get excited solving client issues and helping them expand. Through our passion comes clients’ success. Once committed, we deliver

Innovation: We set the bar higher for ourselves. Innovation is the driving force behind our company and our clients’ engagements

Focus: We value precision work and a dedicated client-focused approach. For us, client satisfaction is our only path to success

Excellence: We take pride in what we do. We aim to live up to our name by helping business partners to create value in Middle East & Africa

Integrity: We build solid client trust by being ethically transparent in our work, relationships and ecosystem

Positive We aim for an environment that is friendly, warm and fun. We encourage diversity in people and opinions

Humble: We recognize that every road is paved with challenges and that we don’t always have all the answers

Savvy: We are serious about our operations. We believe in putting in the extra effort to get more things done with less

Diversity: We believe in equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, national origins and personal creed. We value our diversity and the unique skills that all our team members bring