Our name ‘Glasgow’ is derived from the Gaelic word ‘Ghlaschu’ – meaning ‘dear, green place’.  In line with this thought, Glasgow Consulting Group (GCG) aims to provide ‘fresh, insightful and forward-looking’ research and growth strategy advice to our customers, partners and stakeholders across Middle East and Africa. Every client engagement we initiate reinforces our message of innovation and growth.


logoOur logo signifies an opening cube in the form of letter G. The sliding lid relates to the strategy of keeping one door open at any given point of time. Providing the right approach and strategies for organisations to enter, evolve and grow.

The colors used in the logo are contrasting shades of blue and green. Blue is the color that best represents loyalty and reliability. Green is a color of growth, renewal and rebirth.


Glasgow Consulting Group (GCG) is a Middle East and Africa focused leading B2B research and growth strategy consultancy trusted by Fortune 500. We team up with our customers to find new sustainable and profitable growth.