A 2025 Outlook Study


This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Used car market in Saudi Arabia. The report covers various aspects such as market regulations on Used cars in Saudi Arabia, market trends, industry structure and online market.

Why buy this report?

  • Get a detailed picture of the Passenger Car Components Aftermarket in KSA
  • Pinpoint growth opportunities, key trends and industry disruptors;
  • Understand the competitive landscape; the competition scenario and distribution structures

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Socio-Economic Overview of Saudi Arabia
  3. Population demographics of KSA – by expats vs natives, by age, by gender, etc
  4. Economic outlook of KSA – current economic scenario, Vision 2030, Government initiatives, urbanisation and decentralisation plan, impact of COVID 19 on the economy
  5. Market Regulations on Used Cars in KSA
    1. Regulations pertaining to import of Used car from other countries
    2. VAT implications
    3. Registration processes for B2B and B2C transactions
  6. KSA Passenger Car (New) Market 2020
    1. Key industry trends impacting future of car market in KSA
    2. Key drivers and restraints impacting the KSA New car market
    3. KSA passenger New car market – forecast 2025
    4. Market share of key players in New cars market
  7. Demand Side Analysis – KSA Passenger Car (Used) Market 2020
    1. Factors influencing purchase of New cars vs. Used car market in KSA
    2. Key drivers and restraints impacting the KSA Used car market
    3. Impact of Covid-19 on customer buying behaviour of New cars vs. Used cars
    4. KSA Car parc vs Used car sales
    5. KSA Used car market size 2020 and forecast 2025
    6. Used Car market size split by vehicle age, by region, by body type
    7. Average selling price of Used cars by brands
    8. Year on Year % depreciation of new car by Japanese, Korean, American, European and luxury vehicles
  8. Competitive Landscape (Authorized/Direct Dealership Agents)
    1. Competition scenario- market share organised vs unorganised vs C2C
    2. Market share by traditional Used cars, franchised car dealers, online aggregators, etc
    3. Trends in competition, Impact of COVID on business, business models, etc
  9. Used Car Online Market Scenario and Future
    1. Used car seller journey – online and offline
    2. Used car buyer journey – online and offline
    3. Global benchmarking with Used car apps and business models
    4. Key factors Influencing online sales of Used cars
    5. Current market scenario in KSA of online Used car market and future projections
  10. Consumer Research Insights
    1. Seller demographics
    2. Insight on Used car seller perspective
    3. Buyer demographics
    4. Insight on Used car buyer perspectives
  11. Recommendations
    1. Market opportunities
    2. Emerging online retailing models in Used car industry
    3. Key success factors to succeed in the KSA Used car market

Research methodology
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